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Weiter, liebe Brüder, was wahrhaftig ist, was ehrbar, was gerecht, was keusch, was lieblich, was wohllautet, ist etwa eine Tugend, ist etwa ein Lob, dem denket nach!
Philipper 4:8

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Payment Transactor Extension
Autor: Franz Holzinger Datum: 3-02-10 14:46:52
6.) For doing the finalization you must create an object of the class file control/class.tx_ttproducts_activity_finalize.php.
Then you call the method doProcessing .

In the file control/class.tx_ttproducts_control.php you find examples how to instantiate this finalization object. (tt_products 2.6.3)
$activityFinalize = t3lib_div::makeInstance('tx_ttproducts_activity_finalize');
$activityFinalize->init($this->pibase, $this->cnf, $this->basket, $this->tt_products, $this->tt_products_cat, $this->fe_users, $order, $mainMarkerArray);
A number of other objects will be needed to execute this method.

7.) The order data is already stored as hidden in the records of sys_products_orders. Another code can be written to unhide them, if the payment has been done and maybe send the order confirmation email as well.