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Denn der HERR ist unser Richter, der HERR ist unser Meister, der HERR ist unser König; der hilft uns!
Jesaja 33:22

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Payment Transactor Extension
Finalize Using tt_products 2.6.2
autor: Regis TEDONE Datum: 27-05-10 18:06:26
Using the latest version 2.6.2 updated on 14.12.2009.

You talk about V2.6.3, I also see V2.7.0, and the most recent is 2.5.12

Very confusing.

Can you give me explanations on different version and what is the most stable.

In one of your post you said : The order data is already stored as hidden in the records of sys_products_orders. With version 2.6.2, I can't see it. When the caddie is full of products, not articles, no order is present as hidden in sys_products_orders. So my last question is : where the caddie information are stored before finilize process.